Innocence lost

He cried to the heavens “What cruel game is this?”

Wishing he never grew up

He wanted to feel protected

To have others deal with the crazy shit life brought him

When he didn’t need to think and decide

On top of broad shoulders

Enjoying the ride

With no agendas, he smiled, laughed, and played

Got tucked up in bed

At the end of the day

Through innocent eyes, the world seemed a joy

Father Christmas always came

With a shiny new toy

As he grew, he realized jealousy, and hate

How dogs ate dogs

To fill empty plate

The noise and the speed

Kept growing, without any rules

The difference was clear

Between stallions and mules

Manipulation, greed, lies,

More lies

A shit load of mess

Attracts many flies

Poisonous hearts with no empathy shows

Doing the right thing

Never gets one the rose

Weary and bruised

He tumbles away

Hoping to find

His peace! Gone astray



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