Sleep Now Darling

Last breaths taken

Journey begins

Feel your warmth

Seep wary flesh

Coldness creeps quickly
Deceptive stealth

Last embers fade

Glow turns grey

Hollow rattle

Sounds the way




I raise tear-stained face

In sorrow

I look upon your beauty

Deep within a soulful creche

No more light

To act as beacon

Guide the way

Our true direction

Forever gone

Now you tread

Fair angel’s way

Find path

That brings


When darkness Strikes

Its cruel invasion

Protective field cloak scary fate

So sleep and drift

My beautiful Kate

Reserved eternal

Retire abode

Heaven snug

Your only home



  1. OMG!! It was supposed to say “BLOGGY BLOG” NOT “bloody”!!!

    I’m so sorry!! My freaking auto correct, playing Halloween tricks on me again!!! 😦

    Anyway, it’s posted. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A person, a muse, a lover, best friend… that’s what I meant or is her name even Kate? I use other names from time to time when I write these type of pieces. I always have a muse maybe more than 1


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