In The Dark

I hold my breath

Complete silence


You must be holding it too

My eyes will not help me

For black thick darkness surrounds us

I hear the rubbing of silk

Erotically pure silk

No cheap imitation

On knees I move to the sound

Reaching out with trembling arms

Anticipating flesh on flesh


I hear a giggle

Oh you are clever tonight

No musky perfume to help guide me

Your eyes must be closed

For the twinkle in them

Can illuminate the darkest of places

You giggle again

This time followed by a long playful sigh

“Come get me” you say

In that voice!

That voice!

Deep velvet

Rich in tone

Sexy, teasing,

Bohemian symphony to my ears

Then I feel it

Warm on my face


You find my lips

Always hungry

“You found me” you softly whisper

“You’re a terrible liar” Was my reply

The words barely audible as our kiss goes deeper

“Hush” you say slowly “No light, no sound”

“Just our breath and touch shall guide us”

“Welcome home darling”

Just to tease me more

You flick the light switch

Just for a second







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