Social Delusion

Just because I like to be friendly and easy going

Does not mean I want a “connection”

Just because I give!

Does not mean you can take advantage

Just because I leave a smiley and kiss

Does not mean I’m trying to seduce you

Just because I encourage and take an interest

Does not mean I want to be your teacher

Just because I write about “Love”

Does not mean I seek it

Just because I say “Thank you”

I believe in having good manners

I would like the same from you

Manners cost nothing

Unfortunately not everyone, thinks the same

If you like my work, I am delighted

Don’t like my work, just for a “like” in return

I don’t do “Tit for Tat”

Like my work, because you think it’s good

paul x


8 thoughts on “Social Delusion

  1. I really love this, and salute you for tackling the minefield of online inter-blogger communication so directly. So many different ways of being and reacting in this community. I’m glad to say I like your work, with no agenda. I like your mind and how it produces all this 🙂

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