The change

I caught you looking at me.

You lowered your head to hide blushing cheeks.

Just a hint of a smile only enhanced your magnetic effect

Your eyes alive with the promise of exotic adventure

Biting your lip accentuated an oasis mouth tempting me to quench my thirst

I stood transfixed as my heart battled a bloody war with my unsympathetic head

It was then at that moment I realized life would never be the same again

A monumental change had occurred

I knew what I wanted to do! But I also knew that it was impossible

Everything I had ever learned and mastered meant nothing as I struggled to catch my breath

That old saying “Between a rock and a hard place” quickly made sense

Against all of my instincts I didn’t play the game

I didn’t have too

My soul rejoiced at its homecoming and I looked at the world through your eyes

Your blissful presence is with me forever

The change I knew was coming my whole life




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