High horse

What’s the view like?

Up there in the clouds

A mighty fine horse

You sit upon dear!

A beautiful sun

Gives ambient glow

You’re up so high

Like nothing can touch you

But you must get wet?

Like all the rest

When sleety raindrops flow

Oh! you don’t concede

To feel the need

And hide from natures drench

You’re always dry

Well that’s a feat

I wonder how you do it!

Do you lift the mane?

To earn your gain

Ah! yes I see right

Through it

Is it lonely up there?

Amongst sweet air


The birds come and chat?

They don’t you say

’cause they can’t find their way

Besides all you want is a nap

Then why leave seeds


Silver cloud?

Ah yes!

To catch in your


I must go now

To see my fair wife

Before she sends somebody


So release me please

Grand majesty

I wish you nothing but luck

You must learn how

To ride

The oncoming tide

Or you’ll stay

Atop fantasy



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