Caramel eyes are enticing me, exciting me A great distance separates us, but there she is Her gaze burns my soul, leaving nothing but a few fiery embers They glow every time I feel her, quickly taking on liquid form Allowing transient passage to my veins The heat injected into my bloodstream;  instant and potent … More True


Your eyes displayed a thousand joys Once rivers flowed Many limbs entwined Roaming exploring kisses Turned paleness to rouge Milk giver stood proudly upon twin mounds Crimson sea separated 3 wells accepted firm invasion Noise echoed breaths frenzied response You were gone Surrendered being Gravity held nothing Rollercoaster thrill ride Where is up? where is … More Insatiable


Keep us dumb, keep us glum Leave nothing to the imagination Strip away hope, crank up the lie Tell us we are nothing but an empty shell Hollow;  with an expiry date long since passed Better still, tell us we are nothing but a machine Thank you for your kindness Shaping our virtual world, creating … More Hum


Paralysis gripped me Vibrations quickly followed I lifted ever so slowly Breaking through nothing I was flying Clarity hit me in a flash I understood everything Feeling no air, I surged across the sky Looking down; the earth morphed Rolling through time I saw the past, present, and future All in one movement I knew … More OBE


I should have listened I should have applied myself I should have kept my mouth shut I should have ignored it I should not have been so curious I should have told them I should have stayed I should have gone back I should have tried to learn again I should not of hit him … More Regrets


Wasting your time, on women and wine Forsaking smoke, taking up the coke Lost in make believe, missed the web she weaved Drowning in drink, you need to wake up To think Self-Pity is not what they need As you fly through the weed Sober and strong, show them you care Give them arms to … More King


As I write this, I am full of love Full of calm, full of peace Many years have passed since I felt like this Blending with life, with the universe Serene and balanced It’s a nice feeling, euphoric, liberating, yet connecting A high Simplicity overwhelms my thoughts Air around me fits like a cozy blanket … More New


Get up, get up, come with me Don’t be scared, don’t be alarmed I come from where you came from Let me show you Good, come on This will stay with you always in this world You will forget, but you will always feel Don’t hesitate, come! We are connected Look closely at me, you … More Awareness


Jet black hair Emerald eyes Damson lips Enchanting smile.. Caring heart Open soul Lover of life Your only role.. Singing as you dance Great joy you share Reading to me As you twirl your hair.. You cook like a pro With pride and love You fuck like a porn star Only better, end of.. I’m … More Sandra

The Street

Red brick houses side by side Random boxes of light shows who’s at home Smoky air, frosty late evening Squeaky gates open and close, as people come and go Craving the heat, the warm amber glow Rain falls diagonally against neon street light Like a volley of mini arrows, piercing the night Sirens blare a … More The Street