I wonder

If we met in a wood, on a beach or for coffee I wonder what you would say I would ask you! "Did it really have to be that way?" Would you swap all the years of play from the shadows, for one moment of bliss For cheek to brush cheek, as we lean in … Continue reading I wonder

Before Sleep

I walk into the bedroom and see you sitting thereRelaxing quietly in your favorite chairI'm ready to play and have some funBut you're tired from all day out in the sun So I think for a minute and suddenly I knowWe can still have fun, I'll give you a show ;)I take off my shirt … Continue reading Before Sleep


Where does numbness go when the pain sets in Can a soul survive an earthquake in the heart Will the mind recover from denial of a truth Everything shattered, all faith washed away, like a broken leaf drowning in a run of water downhill Is there anything left to hope for, when another will never … Continue reading Orphan


Every lyric Every melody Every true word Seduces my memory I'm sad but I'm glad I was blessed to know you Serene comfort fills me In a strange contradictory way The passing haunts But the beautiful feeling of us Will always stay I always loved you I always will Timing, and obligations, keep us apart … Continue reading Everything


Drench my soul in liquid fire I need to feel Corrupt my heart with filthy sin I don't want normal, I hunger surreal Raise me high, on decadent pleasure Grip me tight, as I swell Your smile and eyes, have shown me heaven Now! Fuck me with your hell ©paul  

Under the Poplars

 Like priestly imprisoned poets, the poplars of blood have fallen asleep. On the hills, the flocks of Bethlehem chew arias of grass at sunset.       The ancient shepherd, who shivers at the last martyrdoms of light, in his Easter eyes has caught a purebred flock of stars.       Formed in orphanhood, he goes down with rumors of … Continue reading Under the Poplars

Our Space

Eternal trance Celestial dance Our souls unite One blinding light Angelic choir sings our song Euphoric joy To us belongs Rolling tide carries us through Clenching tight I cling to you Our own little space, with lust set free Drenching and splashing Tugging and slapping Biting and licking Fucking and sucking Teasing and coy Not … Continue reading Our Space


I love I have never been "In love" I believed myself incapable Maybe I was just constantly numb Closed, egotistical, and dumb I played the part of a cool hand Luke Maverick, Julian, Manero, too That all changed when I met you Hitting me hard, I could not deny My heart in free fall My … Continue reading Ego


Truth comes to everyone in the darkness We rest our heads on pillows, often damp with tears Flashes of past traumas play out in our mind Buried memories of another time Always there, always hidden They know what lies in the soul How to appear and when A little reminder of scenes once forgot Like … Continue reading Humbled


Using my fingertips I softly trace the outline of your lips As I look deep inside your mind Eyes locked on eyes, we giggle and smile Moonlight spears it's beam, through a break in the curtains Enhancing windows to your soul Shades of green and brown,  blend slowly, gently I watch the changing, my heart … Continue reading Love


I feel strange Trapped in invisible claws Shaking as I'm tossed from left to right Held tightly, I scream mutely, long into the night A rag doll, seams broken Stuffing bursting out of me, and carried away on a violent wind Hollow, flat, empty, Only my eyes function, skin limp and ragged Horror; I can … Continue reading Trapped


Jet black hair Emerald eyes Damson lips Enchanting smile Caring heart Open soul Lover of life Your only role.. Singing as you dance Great joy you share Reading to me As you twirl your hair.. You cook like a pro With pride and love You fuck like a porn star Only better, end of.. I'm … Continue reading Sandra

The Street

Red brick houses side by side Random boxes of light shows who's at home Smoky air, frosty late evening Squeaky gates open and close, as people come and go Craving the heat, the warm amber glow Rain falls diagonally against neon street light Like a volley of mini arrows, piercing the night Sirens blare a … Continue reading The Street


She brought him a gift A souvenir of love Pride in her eyes She was right It fits like a glove An expression of friendship That grows day by day. Bond of trust developed Through conversation and deed A mutual understanding Of each other's need. Attraction breathes life Once again in his soul ©paul   … Continue reading Gift


Closer they came; One turned into ten, which suddenly became fifty Teasing and mocking, slowly eroding;  stripping his mind Apocalyptic evolution, played out over time Too many now emerging, to fight Run now he must; In search of his light A friend from his youth, it shone as he grew Those days long gone, when … Continue reading Return


Fingers travel up and down goose bumped thigh Desire burns bright, within my eyes My tongue is silent; in motion, licking Collecting honey Probing and flicking. Delicious slow strokes Brush upon canvas Drenched silk sheet Clings fast Upon mattress, Trembling flesh, rises and falls Moans, deep and husky Tell of your joy, Calling my name … Continue reading Dream


Beware the urban jungle Eyes watch from the shadows Sniffing for weakness, waiting to pounce Police sirens won't stop deals “Give me  an eighth, Make it, an ounce” Kids on bikes, escape route ready Concrete landscape Not cop car friendly Late night cafes; where drunken dreams, find reality "I could have been a contender" Discussed … Continue reading Urban


Her face did not haunt him any longer Day by day his heart grows stronger Emerging from grave in darkness Grounded, once again The lighted path before him beckoning Come this way Stormy clouds have lifted The sky Dreamy Serene He felt at peace, much cleaner Not dirty, tainted, or obscene The sun itself does … Continue reading Emerging


They die in their thousands Every day Every week Every month Every year Who cares? No one People preach of love and equality Tolerance and respect Turning blind eyes, to the plight of this world The reality, the truth Gorging themselves on "Reality T.V." How ironic Fucking demonic Across social media "Hey hun, hey babe," … Continue reading Blind


You go running, whenever they call It never mattered how you felt Nobody wondered about exhaustion How affected you were mentally, and physically Juggling time, resolving conflicts Shopping, washing, ironing, cleaning, accounting, cooking, dropping off, picking up, Always available Always there Never allowed your headache Fuck me now Blow me now Then you may sleep … Continue reading Stop

The trip

The clock ticks and the sirens wail Neon sign flashes on, off, on, off, on, off, A spider scurries across my fingers As my hand rests upon a coffee stained window sill I'm looking out through a grimy window At the darkening street Looking at nothing in particular Just gazing at the scene below A … Continue reading The trip


Hair like a lovely whisky The tint of fallen leaves Brown and sleek Like the first rains of autumn How such a tint could play with the light Reminiscent of peering at the sun through a jar of pine honey. Her eyes were the color of milk chocolate Edged with a deep forest-green Sometimes the two … Continue reading Monica


A distant shore calls to me Promising, love and joy Enticing, beguiling, appealing, Smiling, and ever so coy The sun, always shines there Clear skies, forever blue Crystal waters, warm and deep Will soothe, refresh, renew, Evening air, filled with musk Enhances sensory treasure Its gentle kiss, upon bare skin Exotically sweet, the pleasure Maybe one … Continue reading Paradise


Delicious desire Mouth open Eyes behind blindfold I inhale you I taste you Dancing on my lips Dizzy with lust I reach for you Chain tightens on wrist You laugh ever so sexily Sultry voice "Mmm, where to next?" you purr Anticipation, tortures me I love it Your tongue slides Tracing my eager lips Fingers … Continue reading Blindfold


Decadent satisfaction, obscene deeds Thirst for power Scattering of seed Indulgence of theft, authority gained Smoky burning flesh Warm blood Slowly drained Abusive representation, false lie, to fool them all Praying on need, distorting the truth of Man Renegade witness A con A sham Preaching morality As you suck dates, from your sister's ass Humanity … Continue reading Deception